short term loans

$200,000 minimum

Debt capital sought to finance our house flipping and distress property acquisition funding. Loans average 3-6 months duration, and security is first lien position on property that is acquired at less than market value (often <80% LTV). Currently paying 9% interest with 1% origination fee, and we provide detailed specs on collateral, renovation plans, and market comparables. We have more experience then anyone locally and have worked with many investors, some of whom have made hundreds of loans to us in past 15 years. 100% payback rate; we have never defaulted once.

1-4 Unit Property Direct Ownership

$50,000 minimum

We have helped over one thousand investors acquire Central Texas 1-4 unit investment properties as a buyer broker.

Long Term Equity

$100,000 minimum

Equity capital sought for syndications / joint ventures into multifamily and other commercial opportunities as they become available. Please email or call for details on current investments.