Investment Opportunities in Texas' Largest Real Estate Asset Class: 1-4 Unit Residential

Castle Hill Investments was formed in 2004 as an Austin-based real estate investment firm that offers investors opportunities to participate on value add improvements to single family, duplex, and fourplex assets ("1 to 4") in Central Texas, DFW, and San Antonio.

Since 2004, we've purchased, renovated, managed, and re-sold over 1,100 units, in an asset class that traditionally is overlooked and under-appreciated by real estate investors, and dominated by Mom and Pop operators. Our unique experience and ability to acquire off market and distressed assets has made us one of the largest small unit residential "fix and flip", as well as long term hold investors in Texas.

In 2018 we began accepting investor funds to create portfolios of well-located properties in strong growth areas of Austin, DFW, and San Antonio. We will begin to build management infrastructure and economies of scale to efficiently operate these portfolios regardless of market conditions. When the expected correction occurs, and as institutional investors with to shed some of their inventory, we will be uniquely prepared to acquire assets en masse and rapidly scale portfolio size.

The Castle Hill Team

Robert Grunnah | Principal

Robert has deep experience in the residential investment space, having owned, managed, and renovated over 1,000 properties in his nearly 20 year real estate career, and has brokered another 2,000+ for clients. In addition to renovating homes, he actively invests throughout Texas and the Hudson Valley, New York. Robert is the recognized leading duplex and fourplex broker in Central Texas. He grew up in Dallas, but moved to Austin in the 1990's to attend the University of Texas at Austin where he holds a BBA and MBA in Real Estate Finance and Entrepreneurship. His passions include travel, back country skiing, and independent film.

Justin DonJuan | Director Of Operations

Having started as a runner for Castle Hill in 2011, Justin has served in practically every role in the company, most recently being promoted to Director of Company-Wide Operations. He has overseen the renovation of hundreds of properties, with a meticulous focus on design and detail. Born into a family background in construction and raised in Austin, he's watched first-hand as Austin has turned into a City with global aspirations and prestige. Justin holds his Real Estate license and spends much of his time managing multiple renovations and develop projects. When Justin isn't in the field, he cherishes the time he spends at home with his wife and three little girls, and his handful of a Boxer, Max.

Lanel Taylor | Controller

Lanel joined the Castle Hill team in 2014 as a bookkeeper and has climbed the ranks to Controller, among many other roles, and brings an extensive background in real estate investment and construction accounting. Lanel works with the entire team to make sure each renovation comes in at (or, preferably, under) budget and is always looking for ways to help the company become more efficient and profitable. When she’s not crunching numbers, she enjoys spending memorable time with family and her two dogs Kodi and Andean.

Othon Vasquez | Central Texas Operations

Othon joined the team in 2015, bringing seven years of residential and commercial construction experience. Othon's attention to detail and razor-sharp management skills assist the team in managing and delivering the highest quality work. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife Adrienne, and his son Luca. Othon also enjoys watching aggressive matches of soccer and kicking back with a craft beer and good friends.

Elizabeth Grunnah | DFW Manager

Elizabeth joined the team in 2016 after a long run as a manager in the community of Closed Captioning professionals. She comes from a long line of real estate professionals and was excited to join their ranks in 2016, to work alongside her brother Robert. Elizabeth has helped in the acquisition of many houses in need of "TLC," as well as assisted in the process of helping improve the neighborhoods of DFW by turning dilapidated houses into beautiful new homes. Elizabeth enjoys scouring the Multiple Listing Service like the morning paper, honing her skills as a Realtor and home evaluator, and listening to podcasts during long journeys in the car. She's also an impressive amateur photographer, with an emphasis on landscapes, cloud formations, and her unruly dogs, Indy and Shorty.

Juan Campos | DFW Operations

Juan joined the nascent DFW Team in 2017 from the hotel industry, and has helped lead this new office into a leader in the DFW remodeling market. When he's not hard at work on existing projects, Juan likes spending time with his wife and four children, watching soccer, and enjoying his wife's cooking.

Debany Fullen | Office Assistant 

Debany joined the Castle Hill team in 2018 as office administrator and is new to the real estate profession. She enjoys supporting the team, learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry and prides herself on keeping the properties looking their best for future investors and homeowners. In her free time Debany enjoys playing music, painting and writing poetry.

Travis | Director of Security